What are your Christmas traditions?

With christmas just around the corner,everyone has started looking into their "christmas traditions" or more like their christmas routines. Christmas for me was always about the christmas trees,christmas movies and the decorations. Yes we always had a christmas tree at home during my younger days, but my mum never allowed us to open the gifts … Continue reading What are your Christmas traditions?


Are you “fasting” to lose weight?

Is "fasting" the best way to lose weight, or how some call it 'Detox' their body?? Will fasting for a few days clean my system and make me healthier? The truth: Probably Not. Many people turn to weight loss/fasting programmes using laxative teas, shakes, water and even enemas. The truth is - fasting can be … Continue reading Are you “fasting” to lose weight?

Guys, did you just mess up with your lady ?

So i was driving to work today morning , at the odd hours of 6am and was listening to a particular radio station , which had a very interesting topic of discussion - How do guys make-up to their lady after messing up big time? I found this very interesting, only because there were listeners … Continue reading Guys, did you just mess up with your lady ?